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Glutamate sodium

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Chemically pure monosodium glutamate was first isolated in 1908 by Professor Ikeda Kikunae of Tokyo Imperial University. He decided to determine the substance in the composition of the kombu algae, which makes dishes with them more delicious.

In 1909, he was granted a patent for a method of manufacturing food products. He received monosodium glutamate by hydrolysis of soy and wheat proteins. The supplement began to be released in Japan for sale under the name "Ajinomoto" - "the essence of taste."

Attempts have been made to artificially synthesize the additive, but they have not taken root due to the difficulty in separating the glutamic acid isomers (only one of the two tastes). Then, in 1960-1970, inexpensive mass production of sodium glutamate by fermentation was discovered: a bacterium capable of producing this salt was found. Therefore, from the point of view of technical regulation, which classifies substances into natural and non-natural, the additive is a natural substance.

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