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It is a yellowish-white powder or plate. It contains about 1.5–4% mineral salts, 10–20% water and 70–80% polysaccharides, which contain D- and L-galactoses, 3,6-anhydrogalactoses, pentoses, D-glucuronic and pyruvic acids. Agarose and agaropectin were extracted from agar.

The agar-agar molecules are very long, which accounts for the high tensile strength of the jelly made from it [2]. Agar agar is insoluble in cold water. It completely dissolves only at temperatures from 95 to 100 ° C, which differs from other natural jellies [2]. The hot solution is transparent and limitedly viscous. When cooled to temperatures of 35–40 ° C, it becomes a clean and strong gel, which is thermally reversible. When heated to 85–95 ° C, it again becomes a liquid solution, again turning into a gel at 35–40 ° C.

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