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Vanilla powder

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Vanilla is a spice obtained from the unripe fruits of several species of plants of the genus Vanilla, primarily from Vanilla planifolia, from which several cultivated varieties of vanilla of the best quality, with long pods of 20-25 centimeters, have been obtained. Other types of spices used are Vanilla pompona with shorter, lower quality fruits and Vanilla × tahititensis Vanilla Tahitian. "

Production technology:

"At the first stage, unripe fruits are collected and immersed for 20 seconds in hot water (80-85 ° C), thus performing a kind of short-term blanching. Then the fruits are fermented at 60 ° C for a week. Only after fermentation does vanilla acquire a characteristic aroma and brown. After that, the spice is dried for several months in the shade in the open air. After the appearance of a white coating on the pods, it is considered that the spice is ready for use. "

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